Apr 24, 2017
Future of Dawn of Azazel

It's been one year since any news from our camp, so well overdue for an update. I should say first off that The Tides of Damocles- while being in my opinion our finest recorded effort, had very little input from myself musically. I'm immensely proud of what myself Joe and Jeremy created, however the future music that I wish to create has very little in common with the direction of our last album.

Therefore after their departure it made no sense to recruit new members and continue promoting "Tides.." when it was apparent that Dawn of Azazel from here on would be a very different beast. Better to write an entire new album, demo it, use this to select the appropriate new members and ensure that everyone involved was 100% heart and soul committed to that direction. Theres enough generic music coming out from bands who's only motivation is staying popular and who's only notion of staying relevant is releasing the same thing every 2-3 years. Best to wait till you have something to say of merit rather than to perpetuate this.

In April last year I set hard to work writing for several months before realizing I was rushing things for all the wrong reasons. Doing things right would require patience, discipline and lifestyle change. New music has been written, prospective new members have been sought out and when we have something that has feeling, savagery and aggression worthy of your time then you will hear from us again. This will be sooner rather than later.


Apr 24, 2016
Joe and Jeremy to leave Dawn of Azazel

Over the weekend Joe and Jeremy have both chosen to leave Dawn of Azazel.

Joe- "After 16 unforgettable years of playing music with my brothers I have made one of the hardest decisions of my life and left Dawn Of Azazel. The reality is that when your heart tells you it is time to move on to different things sometimes you just have to follow. I will never forget all the good times and amazing people I have met along the way who have made this journey so rewarding. I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that supported us in any way over the years, it's so humbling to think that anyone would believe in what we do enough to come to a show, buy a cd, put us on a show, give us a place to crash etc....the list goes on. All,that will never be forgotten. And of course, all the best to my bros, Rigel and Jeremy, it's been a blast.

Jeremy- "Leaving Dawn of Azazel wasn't something I had planned but after Joe told us he was leaving it felt like a crossroads situation, as I was also feeling like a change and considered him an irreplaceable member (we found it hard enough to get a second guitarist). I have spent the last 8 years blasting it out with these guys and had an amazing time. I met and played with some of my favourite bands, made 2 trips to Florida to record albums and made a lot of great memories. I'm very proud of what we achieved,and all the awesome people I met as a result. It's now time to shift gears with my brothers in SET ON END and another project. Thank you to Rigel Walshe and Joe Bonnett for everything! Also thanks to Brian Elliott and Gareth Craze for all your amazing work with the band!"

I'd like to acknowledge all the hard yards that they've put in over the many years I have had the pleasure of playing with them, and their perseverance working with me to achieve all that we have thus far. The realities of being a band with an international focus based in one of the most isolated countries in the world are no cakewalk and I cannot fault them for their choice. Hails to you both and I wish you all the best for whatever future endeavours may lie ahead. A final show with the three of us may still take place.

I cannot say whether this will be the end of Dawn of Azazel. I intend to keep things going but the answer will come from picking up the guitar, seeing what comes out of my hands and deciding the best course of action from there.


Mar 20, 2016
New materials on their way

Last few months we've been keeping our heads down focusing on getting new material sorted and a few other projects in the pipeline. One of these is some drum play through videos for The Tides of Damocles, here's the first for the Progeny of Pain.

Jan 30, 2016

Tonight. Stonehurst have pulled out due to sickness and we are very happy to announce the mighty Carnal have stepped up at short notice to open the show. They'll be kicking off at 10pm. 100 Cap room so make sure you get in EARLY!


Dec 29, 2015
Westfest 2016 Cancelled

As you may have heard due to Soundwave falling over Westfest has also been cancelled.

We have scheduled a replacement show on the same date at Ding Dong Lounge along with Bulletbelt and Stonehurst. We're fucking amped to be playing a more in your face setup and due to the venue cap this will undoubtedly sell out so make sure you are there early


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